An international network

Since September 2000, French speaking and francophile professionals or entrepreneurs gather every month first in Silicon Valley, then in Paris, starting beginning 2003, and more recently in most great cities of the world. Interfrench creates thus the first French speaking International Business network.

A Business network

In the aristocratic French culture, money is dirty. And some of us do not dare speak about business and money. The professional exchanges are then sterile. Nowadays this hypocrisy is no longer acceptable. It is necessary to make deals and to speak about Business to help our compaies live and networking is one of the most efficient ways for that, when practiced with the ethical rules promoted by Interfrench.

An ethical network

The confrontation between the various international cultures inside Interfrench showed us how important strict ethics rules are for the success of our business exchanges.Particularly the respect of commitments and honesty are necessary to the success of partnerships and professional exchanges. But everyone of us is always ethical enough, since he judges with his own standards. Hence Interfrench strives to attract and select in the long run professionals who proved their honesty.


Professional Francophiles or expatriates

  • You are expatriate or a former expatriate
  • Or you have an international project
  • Or you are multi-cultural (Franco-American…)
  • Or you are an entrepreneur
  • Or you only wish to network efficiently with other professionals (speed meeting)

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Principaux chapitres (en)

Paris Silicon Valley
Istanbul Ankara
Singapour Sydney
Tokyo London
Munich Bruxelles
New York Québec
Hong Kong Genève
Boston San Francisco
Los Angeles Shanghai
Barcelona Madrid


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A bond with the Francophiles of the World

The incredible amount of francophiles around the world, a specific phenomenon and the huge honour they make us by liking our culture, pushed us to establish a permanent link with them. We wish to thank them for their friendship and hope we will be able to meet their expectations. They often see the best in us and we hope we will be able to do the same with them. The Interfrench network allows them to reach the local community of French speaking expatriates to create Business exchanges based on friendship and trust. This network helps us reach common objectives in a win-win attitude.

A network of real contacts

In our view, quality of contacts prevails over quantity. Having a virtual network of 5000 contacts who do not know you and to whom you can never ask anything is not better than beeing alone in the crowd.


And our collective success is based on active networking, and on the sincerety of business exchanges. You only receive when you give first. The first step to participate and to begin building your Francophile business network consists in registering for free in our intranet.

Become visible and useful in the french community

If a chapter exists in your region, you will have direct access to the participants by registering in the local groups of your choice. You may create your own groups of francophiles thanks to the intranet or join the managers of existing groups, or create a new chapter by contacting either the Regional Director or the International Manager Pierre-Jean CHARRA. email hidden; JavaScript is required