Contribute to the success of our professional members, through exchange and complementarity, relying upon the wealth of cultural differences between all francophiles, by choosing the best professional behaviours of each culture.
Connect locallly and internationally in a friendly network all professionals, clients, suppliers and partners who share the same ethics.
Facilitate the mentality change among the French speakers to promote the spirit of enterprise and trust in business relationships.
Our contribution consists in supplying to our members an international support for their projects.

Interfrench gathers already more than 10000 francophiles in the USA, in France, in Canada, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, China, Roumania and works to be present in every country where there is a sufficient number of francophiles.

What differentiates Interfrench from other professional French works?

First, InterFrench has an international scope, and endeavours to bridge the gap between different and at times opposite cultures.
Born in the Silicon Valley in California, we derive our Business best practices from those originating from the US and other successful professional oriented cultures. We hope to introduce thus the best business practice in our culture for the mutual benefit of our members and their partners.
We are organized in small Interest groups of human size in order to foster a climate of exchange and trust.
Our members share the same love and interest for the French tongue and culture while we respect and exchange with other cultures.

Our Mission

Help francophile professionals succeed together
Organize professional gatherings by industry
Facilitate export: Introduce export minded professionals to each other
Facilitate the job search: by helping the internationally minded or experienced professionals meet with other professionals.

Identify and Promote the best business practices
Mettre en valeur les pratiques qui ont réussi en s‘appuyant sur l‘expérience et la richesse multiculturelle de nos membres
Organiser des rencontres “de témoignage” avec des personnalités ou experts de toutes cultures ayant réussi dans leur domaine d‘activité
Publish success stories (website , newsletters)