The Interfrench Charter

The professional synergy

Interfrench is not only a networking organisation.
It endeavours to create an international positive and pioneer spirit by selecting and gathering the best international professional behaviours.
Our goal is to create collective success for the professional francophile community.
We appreciate and try to synthesize:
The competency and creativity of French professionals
The positive and entrepreneur spirit of the americains
The german organisation
The collective and pragmatic spirit of the asians
the member commits to follow:

Networking rules

To give before we receive
To give information and advice without accounting
To put in contact offer and demand
To communicate in a positive way
Avoid systematic contradiction

Communication rules

Always send positive messages in mailing lists
Refrains to criticize
Never sends personal attacks
Never insults or hurts other people, nor has racist or chauvinist words.
In case of disagreement with a member, avoids to send emails about it to a group of members or to a mailing list
Asks for the coordinator agreement before emailing a group
The Interfrench behaviours:

Entrepreneurship and self confidence

Stay open and never suspect hidden intentions
Shows his interest for other people expectations
Creates synergies between professionals, partners and users of all countries,
Develops and fosters local, national et international projects and partnerships with a deep ethic.